Thursday, April 2, 2015

New Scoring Opportunities! And The Big Race Approaches…

024_pearson_logo English_4th_Grade  I just received an application to score the 4th grade English test for Pearson.   I’m very excited as I had the next two weeks off while Cheryl scored the 10th Grade English all alone.   Now we can be scoring buddies!    (Even though we are essentially on different projects.)  It matters not!   For I’m more in tune with 4th Graders anyway….Simply read my blog and you will see that I’m at their level.   

thF9SHNIGTThat is not to say that 4th Grade is bad….actually you should have all the tools to write a coherent essay at this skill level.  And since Grammar was my strong suit;  ( even thought you would never guess that by my writing.)  And I scored 4th grade before,  I would like to think I have an edge on this over other prompts.   We shall see, though.   There still is the qualifying phase that has to happen.  I’m hoping for the best. 

Garmin keeps the record,   Cheryl is FASTER than this person!  In other news,  only two more days before the big Lincoln Half Marathon for Cheryl.   She is beginning to get nervous.    She deals with these nerves in the new found treatment of running by shattering her previous records today for the 5K ( and possibly 10K)   I knew she was flying as I had a difficult time keeping up on my bike!  Her fastest pace was 6:36!   That is under a 7 minute mile!   Her overall time for the 5K ( official for Garmin)  was 24:11….Her previous was 24:51 for the 5 K.  Now it is true that her average pace slowed a bit as we hit the wind ( very strong today from the north!)  and as she passed the 5K mark.   But overall she averaged an 8 minute per mile pace.   Still pretty good for that distance.  

Running the Half MarathonHer 10K record previously was 49:18  ( official race time…not Garmin)  But the official Garmin time was 49:31 today.   A mere 13 seconds difference without race conditions, Tylenol, and fighting the wind.  ( They all add up !)   So  Cheryl’s goal has now changed to possibly achieving a slot for her age group.  ( And surviving her first half marathon!) She will be close if she can maintain that pace for 13 miles.   It’ possible, but even she noted it stops being fun after a while at that “heroic pace”.   We shall see.  I know I will be there cheering her on and snapping pics along the way.   I have to catalog this so Barb, and anyone else who stumbles onto this blog, can see the results.  Hiro Samples the Cake

Other than that,  Cheryl celebrated by purchasing a huge piece of Strawberry Layer Cake….and shared it with the cat.  

So Thanks for the Cheers Barb!  ( and Wayne if he is reading this)   We’ll let you know how tings turn out  as soon as I can post them.   And possibly give the details over lunch one of thee days.    Unless we are both scoring….

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