Friday, February 27, 2015

An Evening with Schlafly Triple Ale

DSC_8872  Or Tripel ale…..Guess the spelling is there for copyright purposes.   Well,  We finally tapped into the bottle.   I was told it would taste like the Belgium Style Wheat Ale….but I don’t think it did.  DSC_8874 It was rather spicy and “interesting”  Like Ommegung.  I was expecting a yeasty wheat flavor with a little hint of fruit.  


Not that that was a bad beer.   It was good.   But ultimately tasted like several others in that niche.  So if you are looking for a spicy interesting beer….give this one a try.   It may turn out to be your new favorite.


B9315361011Z_1_20141205174926_000_GEU9B0ROT_1-0 As for other things.  We joined Barb at the new diner in Iowa City….Called: Ride.   It is a bicycle themed restaurant.  My first impression was that it was going to be an overpriced “atmosphere” place…..with expensive microscopic portions,  common food items, and expensive ( think: overpriced common) beer.   B9315361011Z_1_20141205174926_000_GEU9B0RPO_1-0

I was wrong…..It is true that it had great atmosphere.  But the Food was Awesome!   Even the grilled Peanut butter and Jelly Sandwich was a winner!   Cheryl and I both had a bacon grilled cheese.   I had the white bean soup.  ( With Generous chunks of ham!) while Cheryl had the fries. 

untitled The Grilled Peanut butter and Jelly was done well with home made Bread,  Handmade Jelly mix of strawberry, raspberry, and Blackberry fruits….al grilled to perfection. 2ride-tables9559   On the end:  Cheryl has hinted that she would like to visit there again…perhaps this weekend.   We probably would have never found this place if Barb had not mentioned it.  It was located in the city…but not in the heart of town were parking is a hassle.

Cheryl plans another 13.5 mile run tomorrow.   Maybe we will head there to celebrate the completion.   We shall see. 

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