Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Subie Success Story.

DSC_0661 So the parts for the Subaru came today.   Well,   Two out of three anyway.   The Blower Motor and the Cabin Filters.   The Temperature outside was 90 degrees and the AC was not working all the way home this evening…so I was VERY eager to get this thing fixed!DSC_0665  



I’m not sure where I first heard it, but things are easier the second time around.   Today was one of those days where everything goes well.  The glove box dropped out without a hitch.   DSC_0663

The New Motor works like a charm!



The filter cover is what the blower resistor is attached too.  Four snap clips and it comes off easy.  I pulled out the old filters and used aDSC_0672 small brush to clean the leaves and dust out off the filter compartment.   I scavenged an old snow scraper/brush for this purpose….Worked AWESOME!





With the debris gone,  The new filters slid in easy…..notice how white they are!





Now for the old motor removal.   The wire harness below it was a hassle before, but today it slipped out fairly easy.   Probably because I knew how much force I could apply and not break it.DSC_0687





CondizionatoreWith the old one out,   The New one slips in even easier!  I hook it up and give it a go to see if it works…….Cold FRESH AIR!

Several screws later, the filter and the motor have been replaced……The entire thing took about 20-30 minutes.   Less time than the landlord had to mow the lawn.   FAR less time than last Sunday…..DSC_0679

So now we are waiting for a resistor….thought I would  replace that while I was at it since Cheryl decided better to replace everything that was a suspect at the same time. Rim%20Repair%20Center%20Tire%20Rotation%20Diagram(1)

I also rotated the tires and we are hoping to get an alignment before the end of this week.   It had been almost a year and we may have waited too long to have it done.  Ah well,   If only we could do everything all the time. 

So that is all for now…..Fingers crossed we can get the alignment done fast and easy.  Then it will be an oil change and fluid top off and we should be golden for the big race next weekend.  As for now…It’s sleepy time for Ethan.

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L. D. said...

I had a Geo years back that wasn't fixable by parts. The location of the switch to make the fan run was too difficult to reach and the parts would cost more than the car. I finally figured out that the part that adjusts the speed of the fan was not touching the required contact. I ended up having to place a wood wedge in there by putting a wedge in against by crook and cranny making at least one fan speed to work. I didn't have heat all winter and of course there was not air in the summer. I am so glad that the car is gone. Good luck on your final finish with your car.


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