Sunday, June 7, 2015

Cheryl’s 15 mile Birthday Run….And D-Day anniversary.

normandy-invasion This way it is easy to remember….D-Day invasion….and Cheryl’s birthday.   Usually I’m terrible with birthdays.  I barely remember my own!  But I DO tend to remember certain major events  ( as well as useless trivia) of historical significant.  I  guess I’m just wired differently.

Well,   It has been getting hotter lately, and yesterday was quite warmer than usual…even in the morning.   Luckily, we only ran/biked 15 miles before the fun began.   Incidentally,   they were running a half marathon on that very trail that morning.   We knew this, but Cheryl decided to not sign up for that one as there was no medal and it would be later in the day.   Add in that the BIG marathon is only 2 weeks away and we are supposed to be tapering down for the big event.   So an actual run compared to a training run would not be the wisest move at this time.  

Half eaten Birthday Strawberry Pie.  This is ALL Cheryl!Lake Perch!  Only the Best! After the run,  We headed to Iowa City and did the usual “after run events”.  Including buying fish and oil for the birthday dinner.   We stopped by the Kalona Bakery and picked up a strawberry pie for Cheryl.   It’s was better than having a cake….so much so, Cheryl could not wait to dig in before we got home.

Our shopping for the ingredience.It is very important to have beer with Fish and Chips!   Fries are ready with the beerHyvee was having a sale on Yellow Perch, so we picked up about 1/3 lbs since it is usually a rare item to see in the case….and we are from Michigan where Yellow Perch is a delicacy.   I can’t believe Lake Perch is not one of the top fish for Aquaculture.   Even on Sale it was $12.99 a lbs!   Ohio should be speeding up the process!  Birthday Fish and Chips!

frying is an Art....kind ofI decided to not use beer batter for these guys, as they are fine all on their own.   So…a dip in egg, then a roll in some Panko….( We did not have an fry crisp)  and into the fryer!   Quick, simple…..Delicious!   I could have been more creative, adding garlic and seasonings to the mix, but really perch is probably the best just left alone.   It is not a flavor you need to cover up or bring out with any additives.Perch  breaded in Panko 

By the way.   The Subaru AC blower is pretty much a goner.   After all that struggle the other day, it is still an intermittent motor.   Cheryl and I spent a little while looking up a replacement online, in addition to some new cabin air filters.  I imagine they will arrive in a week or two, Blower so we will have to deal with the blower motor humming loudly and sporadically cutting out for the next week. On the bright side.  I know that the blower IS the problem, and how to remove the old and install the new one.   I will have a little time next week since College Board is wrapping up this week. ( along with my Pearson Math Project)

So,  Strawberry pie and shopping,  What could be better?With an evening or shopping  online for clothes,  eating fresh fruit pies, and watching Anime;   Cheryl decided that her Birthday was a success.  Sometimes just a peaceful day at home is enough to draw out the enjoyment.       

Angry HiroToday..The Cat is driving me crazy!    It is Humid and he does not know what to do….putting everyone..(including Cheryl)   in a bad Mood!    Angry HiroIf he would just come inside in the cooler air, he would probably settle down, but he just has to be outside to chase birds and chipmunks.   ( Not that he ever catches them!).  Just thought I would mention that before lunch.   Hiro In cooler weatherGuess I better post this now, since Cheryl is getting hungry and impatient.    She has already eaten the remainder of the Strawberry pie.      

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