Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Day After, When the Spell Wears Off….

mice-and-pumpkin     So,  the Marathon is over and now we turn back into a DSC_1317pumpkin and cluster of mice.   It was a wonderful moment while it lasted…but sadly…it is over..( until next time!)

So, as a final reminder, I snapped some parting pics of the lodge where we stayed.   If my Brother reads this…he will note it looks VERY similar to a lodge we both knew in Alaska.   He would not be wrong….There were very many Deje’vu moments.  DSC_1319( spelling?   Thanks spell check!)   The breakfast was a “traditional” Scandinavian breakfast….Which I guess means that there was pickled herring and beets on the menu.  I guess those Swede’s like to have fish with their breakfast….but there were other notable things.DSC_1320    It was great.   Even Cheryl liked it….and she never likes hotel breakfasts.

So, the long trip back is finally over.  With only a handful of construction moments and two serious accidents. DSC_1322  It was a dry, sunny day and people are driving like they are late for a meeting.  How they lose control of a vehicle under these conditions is beyond me.  Either they are texting…OR driving WAY too FAST!   A cautionary tale!

DSC_1328  So some final shots of the Marathon news.   The Newspaper came out today, and is free for us at the hotel.   It has the complete marathon coverage that we did NOT see …AND a list of names of the finishers…..So Cheryl can see her name in the paper.   Pretty cool. 

DSC_1329As for the OTHER things that we were unable to capture;  Follow this link to see Cheryl crossing the finish line.

And to see the Official results.  ( online,  the “official” official results will be mailed to us in a week.   But are unlikely to change)

So…work tomorrow.  I guess that is all.   Hopefully the remainder of the pictures will finish downloading into my photo album.  Oh,  And the Cats survived….although it seems they were not very happy being abandoned by us for that long.   Ah well, they will get over it.  Someday….

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