Thursday, June 4, 2015

Is it Friday Yet?

7296858_6After a week of my Math Project messing around with me,   I now have a rather elaborate prompt with 6 score points to wrap my head around.   I finally qualified, but it is getting late.  Only one day left!   Too bad there are not going to be many hours on this weeks timecard. 

 stagerobber  I guess I should be careful what I say on the blog…in the event someone ever reads this and calls me on the outlandish things I say.   This is unfortunate…As I was about to describe in detail my plan to pull off the ultimate heist!    I was going to ROB A STAGECOACH!  ( also known as a “hold up”  to people in the know)  It was going to be awesome!  But them I let it slip on the blog and Cheryl called the whole thing off.  Bummer.  (I couldn’t help it… was such a cool topic!)

It’s too bad too..I was really looking forward to jumping onto a moving stagecoach with a bandana on my face.   Since we only have the Subie and no horses,  Subaru-Legacy-Outback-21I was going to lean out the moon roof while Cheryl drove up behind.   It was going to be tricky….since I no longer own a six shooter…or any firearm for that matter.  I figured surprise would be on our side and there would be no need for violence. 

Ah, but listen to me…..talking about something that is never going to happen.   I guess I was just excited.  I guess I should keep the blog postings simple and avoid self incriminating evidence. 


Note:   This is for a future defense in the event anything on the blog is held against me for whatever reason.   I guess that there is the thought that  no one ever makes things up ( or exaggerates) on their blogs…..but I do…..sometimes.  Usually for entertainment value. thEEL51GI5

Anyway, I finally finished qualifying and WHEW!   That was a tough one.  Hopefully this prompt will last a while.    I really only have this day to score it as I usually take Friday off.   It will depend if Cheryl still wants to ride shotgun for that little western we have planned.   We shall see.

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