Monday, June 15, 2015

Subaru Final Touch Ups and Repairs.

 The Virbration Cheryl Never feels.  So, it has been a busy couple of days for me.   First,  I spent the better part of Sunday, changing the oil on Subie and trying to figure out what this grinding noise was in the front end of the car.   We finally got an alignment Friday, and all I could think was that the Mechanics somehow messed up my car.  Cheryl, of course, believes it is all my imagination….the grinding, the wheel vibrations,  Etc.Welcome to my imagination 

So Today!   The sound and vibrations get WORSE!   I’m scared!   I envision my wheel flying off or my axle snapping in two…..any number if VERY BAD scenarios.

With  the feeling of complete and utter DOOM in my brain,  I decide to take the wheel off and see what the “mechanics” left loose.    Two seconds in and I have my answer…the lug nuts!   The lug nuts must have been working themselves loose ever since I rotated the tires.  I don’t have a torque wrench, so I’m never certain how much pressure to put on the tire iron.  I usually cinch it tight and give it one quick jerk to secure it.   It always worked before….My Dreams Become Reality!

At the very least, nothing was damaged.  No Subies were harmed in my amateur attempt at car maintenance. I can now breath a sigh of relief…( because the alternative was going to give me nightmares!)

Hopefully Andy  ( Cheryl’s Brother) does not read this confession, as he will never let me live it down…or trust me to ever do a car repair on my own ever again!Sparkling Headlights!

So, with that near miss out of the way, I decided to clear up my headlights.   The neighbor suggested it and I happened to notice the kit in Target the other day.   Time to make Subie Sparkle! ( A little, anyway.)



The Rainex  Kit worked awesomely! ( Is that even a word?)  I tried one side first to see the difference the system would make. After!


There are several steps with various sandpaper and polishes….but in the end, they look almost new….or at the very least..MUCH better! 




It has been raining here for the last several days….and I touched up the Rainex on the windshield as well.  Nothing like having Rainex beading up the rain!  Which leads me into the other issue with rain…And her Shoes are Perma-Soaked!

Cheryl has been forcing us to run in the rain…This morning it dumped on us!    Luckily, I convinced her to only run 4 miles during her “taper week”.  We still got plenty soaked.   I’m not looking forward to the rest of the week’s  running. I admit I'm soft... She might think it is empowering, but I had my fill of playing in the rain during the “Army Years.”  It never failed to rain while out in the field.   

So College board has about one more day of scoring….The regular scorers should be done by tomorrow. I may have to stay later with Cheryl as I was the last Table Leader left!   Cheryl has been sucked into Range Finding and I will have to finish the Back Reads after everyone has left.  And then there may be QC-ing to do!   It is all good after all….we can always use the hours and the money. ( especially the money!)  Me...after the rain But this week was meant to be prep for the big run up north.   So time has suddenly become a premium commodity  lately. 

In the mean time,  I am continuing to struggle with the PARCC Project…in the event I need those two weeks between College Board to be productive.  With a little luck and lots of effort on my part, I will Qualify tomorrow and be eligible to score during the break ….fingers crossed! 

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