Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Is Blogger Fixed?

blogger_512 Perhaps they have!   I tried to post the last post through the Email, with limited success.  However, I eventually just tried to publish directly from Windows live..and BEHOLD!   The posting went through.  

Maybe it is temporary.  I will soon find out when I click “publish” on this one. 

ASIC005R-FB-Share-I-Ran-It-1 So….while I’m here….mid week…I guess I should talk about a few things.   I guess it is National Run Day today.   Cheryl notified me of this a few moments ago. We did actually run today…a mere  7  miles.  I’m not sure if that entitles us to a cookie or trinket.   Cheryl would know more than me.

Today was also  “SCORER APPRECIATION DAY” at College board.     What does that mean?   Tacos!   Yes, they catered tacos for us at lunch time and it was fun…and tasty.  I honestly can not remember the last time I enjoyed tacos that crunch.   Or any tacos for that matter.   I think i was in the Army in Alaska and we stopped in at Taco Bell in Fairbanks.  Really, that is the only memory I have.   Tacos You see…Cheryl does not like them and they would be too much of a hassle for me to make them all for myself.    And I don’t really CRAVE tacos on a daily basis so they pretty much simply fall into oblivion.   Don’t get me wrong…I WILL eat them if the opportunity presets itself.  ( as it did today!)  And they were wonderful!    

bier6 Other than that,  I guess the day was pretty routine.  and I’m totally scored out on the math prompt for Pearson…so, once again, I have the evening free.   Add to this:  Cheryl being asked to stay on with college board to work on pulling training papers for the next session…( without me!)    It’s all very confusing I know.  But it is difficult to turn down employment when you are scraping by….barely. 

So I’m very happy my windows live program and Blogger are on talking terms once again.   It saves me from having to set up elaborate dates and event mixers so they can rekindle the relationship.   Let’s face it…I do not speak HTML very well.    So I shall retire for the evening with a beer and maybe find a YouTube Documentary I can sink into.   I’ll still check math and see if they have a paper come through…we shall see how things go. 

Hey!   Wadayaknow!   It Works!   Wooohooo Blogger!  

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