Friday, June 5, 2015

Subaru Air Conditioning Woes!

    The Subaru Blower motor...Located under the pasenger's feet It has been an  ongoing problem lately….the air-conditioning will cut out or simply not start from time to time. Upon closer inspection….I determined it was probably the fan…as the cold air continued to come out of the vents…just not with any velocity.   Time to hit the Internet!

Most of the forums have it under blower motor or the resistor.   Since the cutting out happens on all speeds..I was thinking that the resistor was probably not the problem.   I watched a couple “how to” videos and thought the best thing to do was take out the blower and have a look at how things are measuring up. 

It was a bit of a chore.   Not as easy as the videos had it.   The glove box came out fairly easy…but I think I may have messed up the glove box light in the process.

One of the videos showed how to remove the cabin filters.   Since it looked easier than the blower motor to take out, I disassembled it and had a look….Air filter need cleaning?  What do you think?

Disaster!   The filters were clogged and dirty with leaves, dust, dirt and “other things” i could not identify.  I took them out and tried to clean out as much crap with my hand as I could.   A vacuum would have been  nice to have, but we lack an extension cord that will reach out to the car.  Simple blowing and banging will have to do for the moment. Who knows that the filter is clogged with!

Then the blower.   IT was wedged up under a wire harness and took a but of muscle to pull it out.   I plugged it into it’s plug while it was out of the dash and observed that it was not moving.   PANIC!   These things can cost over $100! 

being a hot day, and a long day at work…I have very little patience for this amount of stress.   I immediately switch to “grumpy Ethan”   to the delight of Cheryl.  I explain the situation….that I have done what I could and that a new blower seems to be the most logical fix.  Oh!  I decided that before dropping $100 on a new blower ( online…..Cheryl had the credit card ready and was itching to make the purchase!)  I heard from one of the you tubers that you should hook the blower up to your battery to see if it is in fact, broken.   Ethan Switches to Grumpy Mode....Look out!Unfortunately,  I have no cute little wires with alligator clips……I have two “almost wires”  with a half alligator, have needle end.   Cheryl holds one end,  I attempt to touch the blower….nothing happens….confirming my earlier diagnosis.  Grrr!

Now Cheryl is in a bad mood,  But just before I say uncle,  I check out the Forums once more and find a video where a guy blows out the dust and dirt out of his motor and gets it working again…..I rush out and do that.

It WORKS!  Hurray for small victories!   Now, however, it is dark…and Cheryl wants AC for her early morning run tomorrow.  With a bit of newly added vigor believing I solved the problem….I head out….Flash light in hand!  Now that  I "think" I know the problem....Let's fix it!

I finished at 10:50 PM. But it works!   I’m not sure for how much longer…as I’m sure the filters AND the blower will eventually need to be replaced.  Add in the fact that I have 3 screws I can not get into their prescribed places and  my electric screwdriver decided to run out of battery at a very crucial point.   Forcing me to use the old wrist twister….in the dark…in the bugs….in the heat…upside down as  that is the only way to reach several of the dash screws.

Eventually I will have to replace these guys. At least it works!  And I know how to get back at it in the event I eventually have to tear it apart again.   I hope it stays fixed for a while.   We shall see…..Now for a long awaited sleep.  Tomorrow is Cheryl’s 15 mile run..and Birthday.   She has many things planned.   I’ll have to take pictures for the blog as they happen.  As for now….I’m off to bed!

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