Friday, July 3, 2015

Arrived Alive for the Packet Pick-up!

DSC_1334So, here we are in Minnesota….again.  The disturbing and yet, enchanting thing is that it is beginning to look familiar!   We have been to certain parts so many times that we actually know where things are and how to travel around efficiently.  I find this disturbing..because I HATE  Minnesota!   Nothing personal, or even understandable.  I blame my warped college experience here for the hatred.  It’s a quirk.

So,  We crossed over at a new location this time.  I like that we seem to DSC_1333find a new way to enter the state every time we come here.   I’ll have a catalog of all the various cross points and signs…Provided Cheryl is able to catch them on the drive by.   This sign was a challenge as it was buried behind a sign and very thick brush!  We had to double back to catch it’s picture.

DSC_1339The registration was easy.   We showed up and Cheryl filled out a late comer registration form.   Her Number is 2992.    There are 3200 slots total available!   I’m not sure how many more are going to sign up today, but it was a good thing we arrived relatively early. DSC_1340

DSC_1342So, here we are, in our room trying to relax and prepare for an early morning event.   We decided, since we arrived so early, that we would pick up some beer from the Duluth Brewery….And anything else that caught our eye.   Cheryl liked this one from the Great Lakes Brewing Co. DSC_1346 because it has a gold medal on the label.  Guess you can guess what she is thinking.  

DSC_1354I would give it passing marks in the taste department.   It is a pleasant, drinkable beer.   Not fancy,  not bitter or plain.   Just refreshing on a hot summer day.   Although, there are many other brews out there that fill this niche for me.  ( HONEY BROWN)  home Speaking of the elusive Honey Brown….we failed to find any while we drifted around here in town.  I know we found a small place before that carried a single 12 pack, but that was all….and we can not remember where that store is located anymore. DSC_1360

So Tomorrow is the big race,    It should be over before 10 A.M. and we can hurry back and shower up before check out.   Hopefully I will be able to catch more pictures and post them later tomorrow night.   We shall see….The Race is a big circle with very few viewing areas that how-to-be-a-spectator-at-the-Twin-Cities-Marathonallow me to run ahead and film several areas along the coarse.  I’ll basically be able to capture the start ( hopefully) and the finish as they loop around.   Wish me luck!         

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