Thursday, July 2, 2015

Too Soon For Another Run?

Ready to hit the Road?   With your feet...hopefully.So, when is the best time to schedule your next run after a Marathon?   Apparently, a couple of weeks later…or so Cheryl thinks.  Never mind all the “Experts”  and training regiments that suggest you take a month or longer off.   Cheryl has never been one to follow the “rules”  ( unless they follow her way of thinking anyway) The knees don't hurt...anymore...

I guess I should fill in some details here:

The Run:   One Half Marathon

When:   The 4th of July

What better way to celebrate ....AMERICA!The Name: The Red, White, And BOOM Half Marathon

Where:    Twin Cities….Twin Cities?   THE TWIN CITIES?  As in Minnesota?   The STATE?   Where you just ran your LAST Marathon?!?!

I have always been suspicious of Cheryl's fondness for Minnesota.   I’m not sure if she is manipulating the Universe, or if Minnesota simply has the right race at the right time.  Maybe it is all simply coincidence.  But we apparently have a rather long weekend this weekend, since it IS the 4th of July Weekend,  And no other better way to spend it.  We have no friends, no family, ( close by, anyway) no camper,  no lake, (or any large body of water) and no hobbies…other than running.Twin Cities Half Marathon. 

It was a rather last minute decision actually.   Cheryl told me about it last night…asked again this afternoon if there were still openings left,  and basically had been nagging me ever since.  Finally, I relented…Not because I care for my loving wife….Or because her constant nagging caused me to crack…..Nope.   I simply wanted the pictures and Blog posting materials.  It is all about ME and the Blog,  after all.     ( at least I continue to tell myself that….)

They took Cheryl's thoughts and put them on a poster!

So,  it is currently almost 10 pm on a Thursday.   I have to wake up and pack tomorrow morning,  drive to the cities and pick up the running packet,  check into the hotel, and race first thing Saturday Morning.    Hopefully we will be back before they fire off the fireworks here in Wellman. 

The race SHOULD be over by 8 A.M. if Cheryl’s pace is consistent with her previous  half marathons  ( I DID mention HALF marathon….13.6 miles!….still a LONG distance)Riding in a Subaru for 6 hours... Yeah!  It's kinda like that.

So I better make this posting short as I should ready myself for a long ride in the Subie back up north.  What better way to spend 6 hours than to be driving a Subaru?  Seriously!  I have been told it was like riding a cloud with angels singing and blowing trumpets! 


red-white-and-boom trinket addition.

And Best of all,   Cheryl will be able to add to her collection of trinkets that symbolize accomplishment.  Just like our College diplomas and Army Achievement medals from the old days.

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