Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cheryl's Incredibly Expensive Photo Finish. With an '80's favorite from the Vault.

A quick post on Cheryls Finish photo.   She was having a little fun with this one....too bad I was not allowed to be there for my own brand of Photography. ( which is FREE!   Unlike this photo)

So!   I'm attempting to qualify on the latest Pearson Project they have recently moved me on...And I'm having a little trouble.  Not only am I CLUELESS on what I'm looking for on ths project, but the neighbors have decided to crank up the music upstairs and it is becoming a problem.   They have been quiet up to this point.  Why now?  Add in that I have already worked an 8 hour day and things are cooking with gasoline! 
To combat this,  I have put on headphones of my own and tried to find music to counter the noise...I believe "Rolling Stones" Can't get no satisfaction.... (  I'm Not a big "Stones" fan)
So try this one all you '60's bud heads and Vietnam Vets!   Men at Work!   A obscure favorite:

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