Monday, July 27, 2015

Runner’s Excitement!

Meb leads the pack.   The Purple shirts are close behind!The Aftermath of the BIX 7 is still fresh on our minds and, even with the heat,  we both had a pretty good time.   We failed to find a newspaper to add to the memorabilia, but that is ok.   The Pack of 4 Purples!It was supposed to be similar to the Duluth paper with Cheryl's name and placement listed on page three….or something like that.   However, they do not ship the Quad-City Times to Iowa City.Meb still leading past the turn around.  

The picture DID have better pictures of the Elites, along with Meb.   I guess if you are riding on the back of a motorcycle 6 feet away, you have a better chance of focusing on the celebrities than I did.  Cheryl and I are still rather giddy that we were able to meet him. It is difficult to get an accurate read on people you only come into contact with for a few moments; but he seemed like a pretty gracious guy signing books and shirts for people.The Female Winner.  I think....

The day is Monday, but it seems like it is already Tuesday because we had to work yesterday afternoon.  And even thought I’m kind of tired, I thought I should blog today because of one major thing…we received our passports today! The US governments says we can LEAVE!

Passports!We sent these things back in June and finally have the finished booklet  approved and in our position.  Cheryl is very excited!   Mostly because this proves that we can achieve things we previously thought were impossible; but also because Cheryl has her eyes set on the Tokyo Marathon! Tokyo! YEAH

Actually the Tokyo Marathon is only one small part of the larger World Marathon Majors!  Marathons in several countries including Japan, Berlin, London, and the Big Three in the U.S.  ( Boston, Chicago, New York).  The Order will depend on the financial stability, luck with the lottery systems, and Cheryl’s eventual Marathon finishing times. Who cares the year?  As long as we can GO!  The Boston qualify time is 3 hours 45 minutes.   A Boston Qualifying Time  will guarantee her entry into the Chicago Marathon ( no lottery required) if she can pull it off.  

And all of those  overseas marathons  require a passport….Which  we now have…..One small piece of the larger puzzleworld-marathon-majors-cidade

So Hurray!  And I might have to cut this post short and catch up on some sleep.  I heard that quality sleep can help with your alertness and overall health.   In my current state… sounds like the simplest way I can maintain a healthy lifestyle.        

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