Sunday, July 19, 2015

Survival week Over…Hopefully. And a Visit from the Fam…

The Fam is Shocked !  to see us.The Finale to the rather “bad” week was capped off with the In-Laws coming to visit from Michigan.  In-Laws sounds so ….bad.  Let’s call them “Cheryl’s family” because that sounds better and, technically, that is who they are.    We have known of this visit for a while now, and this was the week that things were bound to screw up.  As I write this, the verdict is still out on how well the bathroom leak has been taken care of.   The Landlords put up a band aid just long enough for our  company to not be too shocked by the huge hole in the ceiling. I’m not sure if the leaking has stopped though, as the neighbors are taking a shower and I hear “drips” even though I do not see anything dropping from the ceiling hole cover….yet. monster-sleep

Anyway,  the folks came over and we had a rather pleasant time with them.   The time was rather short and I feel like we did not have much time to do things with them.  Add in that it was a VERY hot day yesterday and pretty much all we did was stay in the air-conditioning and swap stories, news and pictures.   We we SO ENTERTAINING that I fear we put them to sleep at one point!  Ah well,   5 A.M. is a rather early start time and even WE were feeling the Z monster on our back.  And we did not have to travel 8 hours through Chicago the previous day. 

Well,  It all worked out and they headed back this morning sometime.  The weather seems to be stabilizing slightly as the temp hovers around 80 ( instead of the high 90’s) After a week of hot temps, dead cats, leaking ceilings and eminent threat of family invasion….today we are taking time to slow down and relax…IKEA assembly

We received out IKEA wall units yesterday ( while the Fam was visiting…of coarse!) and assembled and installed them.   Oh!  I forgot to add in that the Bookshelves two weekends ago broke off the wall and were destroyed.   Cheryl and her never ending quest to add more stuff to the shelves…..broke the camels back…so to say.   Bookself Wall Damage....So…They finally arrived….one day too late ( we had planned on having them up BEFORE the Fam came over) But alas!   It simply would not gel with the “Bad Week” story line if “perfect timing” had been in the plot.

So,  in a totally relaxed state,   I assembled the wall units.   No cursing, no swearing, no uncontrolled perspiration or fits of Rage….the units went together in possibly the fastest, easiest way I have ever assembled IKEA furniture to date.  ( this is how I’m pretty sure the worst of the “bad time” is over.)  All Unit Replacement...Finished!

Another sign that the darkness has lifted….is that Cheryl’s Family brought me BEER!   Not just Any Beer…HONEY BROWN!   A single 12 pack of Golden Heaven!  I have to savor it….but how?   How do you control yourself when your favorite something is there…tempting you?  Granted, I only have 12 days supply, Gold in a bottle! but those 12 days will be slightly better knowing I have my favorite beer waiting for me.   Honey Brown will make it all better.   ( Slightly, anyway…..Along with Chocolate.)

Hiro Surveys the SidewalkSo, with nothing but sunshine and rainbows ( without the heat and humidity) in front of us,  Hiro and I decided to head outside and enjoy the nature of our front yard.   I cleaned out the shed and filled up the bird feeders while Hiro rolled around and played with bugs. Flower garden ...clear I was drawn to the Katydid on the Daisy outside our front window.  Not that Katydid’s are all that uncommon here.  But the are pretty for a simple grasshopper. Katydid Identified!

Insects, cat and Flowers....What a great shot. Speaking of insects.   It is worth mentioning that Cheryl and I have finally seen our first LIVING LUNA MOTH!    Not a big deal to probably ANY ONE ELSE, but for us….when we were avid fluttering insect hunters…the Luna Moth was one of the most elusive specimens  we never collected.   We found a “wing” of one a few years ago here in Iowa…but never a full body…and never a LIVE SPECIMEN!    But our days of butterfly and moth collecting are over now and all we do is capture, identify, admire and release.   The Luna moth must have been hit by car as his hind wings were shredded up  pretty bad.   He still could fly for short distances, but there was a Brown Throated Sparrow watching him intently.  I’m sure we saved the moth, if only temporarily, from being a bird’s lunch.luna_moth...In Iowa! 

It is unfortunate that the only camera available was Cheryl’s families.  Perhaps they will mail us a copy of the picture someday.  Not that that moth was very Photogenic. ( shredded wings,  bad lighting, bad background.  Horrible conditions)  But it would be a better fit for the story. 

So, now,   Time to really relax and possibly watch some Anime while sipping a chilled Honey Brown beer while munching on Jiffy Pop Popcorn.   Sounds like a good time to me….Tomorrow, the spell will end and we will be back at the job…doing the normal routine.   Hope everyone elses weekend is going well…especially if your last week was “one of those” weeks.  Enjoy!       

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