Wednesday, July 22, 2015

So, You got Trouble? Try This…..

Water-Damaged-Ceiling-Looks like it is getting worse! Our Ceiling is still giving us trouble….as in:  It still leaks!   I’m not sure why the upstairs folks did, but the shower poured down into our bathroom once again.  I left a message for the landlords on Monday, but so far no word or action has been taken.  I’m sure they are trying to map out a plan of attack on this problem as even I am stumped on what exactly is going on up there..   I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the drain not being properly sealed.   But who knows?   It all adds up to the fun of apartment life in an old building. Not Hiro...But you get the Idea

At the very least, we have no company coming over to show off our embarrassment.  If you ever need to know what cheap rent will buy you…..look no further.   It could be worse….we could be paying TWICE as much and STILL  be left with a dripping hole in the ceiling.  


Hiro the trouble cat! If I sound a little frustrated….well I guess that would be accurate.   Just when I thought we would catch a break and all of our troubles were behind us…this one flairs back up again.   Add in that our last remaining cat is INSANE and destroyed a blind today, caught a robin,  ( the bird was unharmed) and howls non-stop from the moment we get home until about an hour before bed time….( unless he is outside)  and you may understand why the nerves are frayed a bit.raggy

Tomorrow is our last work day for the week as Iowa City will be taken over by Ragbrai ( spelling?)  It is a cycling event across Iowa and goes through Iowa City on Friday.  The main roads will be closed and choked with  hundreds of bicycles.   It is all good for us because I could use a short work week and Cheryl has a run in Davenport on Saturday.   The Bix Seven!Bix Seven Mile Race/Run  


It’s a short race, but VERY BIG!  Several professional and celebrity runners will be there.   Maybe we will get a chance to snag a picture of one or two.   Fingers crossed!course


And finally….To Cheer myself up and make everything slightly better…..I like to drink a little Honey Brown and listen to Pink Martini Brazil…..  Enjoy! 

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