Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Chasing Inspiration...And A Scoring GIG.

It's true!  For some people.
Finding inspiration is similar to trying to grab the wind with your hand.   You feel it there...but when you try to hold on to vanishes.   And so it is for me whenever I go out with Cheryl on these midweek, mid-long runs.   I'm not a morning person...yet I look forward to getting up early with her and going out.  I  grab a coffee and a donut or two and hook up the bike.
Today was a pleasant day.     Cool at first and warming up before the sun was blocked by the clouds.   The wind was gentle and the rain held off until we were finished.   In all,  I nice day for a run/bike.

I save the planet!  One alien at a time..
And so it goes that I felt the spark of inspiration that urges me to eat better, exercise more, and try not to be a slothful bum.   However,  I know that I will eventually go back to flopping on the couch and logging onto the computer to play X-Com.   ( An awesome Video game where you defend the earth from alien invaders)   My moment of enlightenment evaporates like a poof of ozone.  I am not
Bible!  YEAH..It's in there!
very good at quoting scripture....but the Paul knew what he was saying when he wrote:  "The spirit is willing...but the flesh is weak"  ( Ok,  maybe Timothy....or of those guys....It's been a while since I re-read it... and Google won't give me a straight answer.)

I was prepared to rant about my online scoring fiasco today...but I just got an email clarifying up the confusion and hopefully everything will work out now.   If that is the case,  I can start making money on the couch instead of collecting dust and eating endless bowls of raisin bran.   I begin work tomorrow at 10:15 sharp!

Missing: ACT, SAT, ETS, MIA!
But the other "problem" for me is that Cheryl has tomorrow off!   I guess that is not really a much as a distraction.   Even though she is not working tomorrow..( or today!  She has today off as well!)   at college board,  she IS scoring the ACT at home as I write this.    So she will probably score the ACT while I score the SAT   ( and make more money...because ETS pays better.  yeah!)  I know that is probably an alphabet soup of acronyms that makes no sense to the non-military or academic lifer,   but no one other than Barb, David or Eric read this blog anyway.   And THEN they probably only look at the pictures.  ( I know I do...The pictures are cool!  And the best part...Sometimes.)
Ah yes,  Reminds me of my English Comp class.

Cheryl often tells me when I force her to read this:  My focus wanes and my transitions are sloppy or weak.   (Is she NEVER off the scoring clock?    Will she continue to evaluate  everyone's writing even when she is not getting paid?) So... I started this post about how my inspirations towards being a better person....(and better looking!)  often disappear the moment I am allowed to fit comfortably back into my butt-groove on the couch.   With a little luck and better weather,  I'll be able to get out there and at least bike around the block a couple of times before camping out as a "professional" scorer.   It's an ugly job...but someone has to do it, right?    I shall do my best to help the next generation of high-schoolers get into college ( or Not...) while maintaining my good looks.   We shall see.


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