Friday, April 22, 2016

How Writers Influences the World...

Two things happen when you observe bad behavior....Either you follow their lead and join in, Or...  You learn what NOT to do and find your own way.   I guess there is that third option where you take the "bad things" and pick and choose which ones you want to make your own.   Of course I'm talking about writing.  Perhaps "Behavior" is the wrong descriptor.   But then it would have lacked the dramatic punch I was looking for.    And I know people are always looking for a "hook" in my blog posts.

So....back to the point.    I read bad writers every the form of High school essay papers.    To be fair....they are not Bad bad....They are simply kids learning the ropes of how to form an essay and sound good enough on paper to get into college.    In most cases...they simply lack the practice and experience that writing requires to look professional.   And...Some of the kids are actually pretty good.   If nothing else...they can be entertaining from time to time.

How does this fit in with me?   Well,   I find myself improving  (My opinion) ever so slightly with my writing as I page back through previous blog posts.   I really was not a very good writer when I first started this thing.  Mostly because....Like many high school students....I had very little to write about.   And I lacked a certain amount of "blogging experience" to know what to say and how to say it.  Basically....Kind of bland writing.

And so it is that today,  before scoring begins....I'm killing time writing another useless post once again.  I realized that these kids help show me what NOT to do and what to avoid.( Sometimes..)   And thus, they influence my writing for the better. (My opinion.)  Similar to Einstein and his stint at the Patent Office.   All those bright ideas flowing over his fingertips influenced him into being the great genius that he was.  I actually like reading these papers and I silently cheer for each one to score higher than a 2 in every domain.  ( not a bad score...but everyone should be able to get a 3 score point at this stage in their education.)

Now I know I still have mistakes and poor organization here and there.   I even miss a word or two.  I  usually only go over the posts three to four times before posting it..and still miss those mistakes.   Think about some kid who had to write an essay in 50 minutes or less!   Daunting!  But I appreciate those kids that reach for the stars and end up clipping a tree before they fall.  
They are developing a writing style that I would hope carries on into their adult years...even without college if they choose that path.  And they can only get better with practice.  Just like everything else in the world.  The Japanese say you need 10 years before you are considered a master of anything.  I lack that much dedication, but I see the foundation of that statement.   If you do something for ten years, you are bound to be "good" at it.  Let's hope after 10 years of writing blog posts and reading high school essays...  I can earn the label "Master!" 

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