Sunday, April 17, 2016

Cheryl's "Blood Sweat and Tears" run

We just finished an almost 16 mile training run at the trail. I'm not sure what it is about anything over 14 miles, but once we cross over that distance,  Cheryl's mind freaks out and shuts down.

Ah, but it always works out...somehow.   By now,  "melt down" runs are a familiar thing.   Almost routine!   I count on at least one "melt down" run before every marathon.  It seems odd that this would occur after Cheryl's successful first place run yesterday....However,   it has been a tough week.

But first,  allow me to explain the  title of the run...

The sweat part should be obvious.   It started out pleasant overcast and cool...but at exactly the half way point...the sun came out.   With the sun comes the extra 10-20 degrees and punishing radiation that saps your strength.   Ah well....we have run in the heat before.....LAST YEAR!    This was possibly the hottest day so far this year.   Having run in mostly cool or cold takes a while for your body to acclimate.

The blood.    Cheryl scratched herself on a serious thorn bush.. ( possibly a wild raspberry...or those tree crawlers that tangle the country side of Iowa.)   And it bled...A LOT!   After a quick inspection,  the wound was superficial...but that was a serious gusher of a blood fountain!   This,  of course,  FREAKED HER OUT.....especially after Tuesday's experience. ( same leg too!   Her left leg has the worst luck lately..)   Luckily,  I was packing Bandaids. And after applying  firm pressure and a tourniquet to stop the bleeding,  we were able to patch up the hurty spot and drive on....but that was the beginning of the unraveling.
 The straw the broke the camel's back....I can understand why.  

The pressure of the dog "encounter" and the separation from me should take its tole on anyone's mental health.   I play a key role in Cheryl's life, after all.   I pet/bribe with treats the "would be dog assailants" and act as a distraction so she can safely trot by.   As for the job...I provide the driving experience and mechanical know-how to operate the Subie properly.   It's...kind of a big deal.

Ah well,   at least we got that one out of the way so now we should be able to expect smoother longer runs in the future.   We shall see.

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