Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Unsung Perks of Scoring From Home.

I usually rant about scoring.   And not always in a good way.  Don't get me wrong,  there certainly are a number of pitfalls to navigate around or over.   However,  from time to time,  the advantages of working from home shine through the misty, murky fog that is "Working".

For example....Today,  I'm scoring in my underwear.

Now I know some of you might find that "uncomfortable".....You would rather score papers naked.   But I have my own standards of decency and comfort.

I also get to take a break when I want and (Usually) I get to work the hours I feel like.   This recent project has a different schedule, but I still get to take a few "liberties".   ETS is unlike Pearson in that they demand you show up within 20 minutes of your start time.   Pearson used to allow you to score long as you were logged out by midnight.  It's a small inconvenience that I have to work around.

Other than that. I have been scoring this week and making money instead of simply playing video games while waiting for Cheryl to arrive from Iowa City.    We went out for a long run yesterday....In the rain.   Luckily, we managed to finish the entire 12 miles, but it rained on us for the first that made for a comfortable experience for the  remaining 10.  BUT...We did it.....Hooray!

I'm just kidding about the underwear.   I'm actually wearing clothes today.    But while suffering along on that bike ride next to Cheryl, ( In the rain!)   I thought up that cool line and joke and simply HAD to put it in the blog.   Weird, I know...But that is how my brain works.  And it is OBVIOUSLY not the first time this joke has been used.    I think the MEMES gave away my punchline like a drunken heckler in a nightclub.   But I put them in there for color.   After all,  What is a Bar without drunk people?   ( Answer:  Empty!)

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