Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A Passion for Pizza? And Big Editing Finish!

Another Cheryl Creation
Cheryl's Sushi with no job.  Pretty!
 With Cheryl working and my novel editing over,   I have discovered I have lots of spare time on my hands.   What better way to invest that time, than to work on my cooking magic!

Cheryl's Sushi with job...Gross!
Not that Sushi is boring,  but we have had a lot of it lately.   And,  ever since Cheryl took that menu over,   it has been a challenge to keep things up the way they were....Namely,  she is tired after work and ends up making something ....different.

Like a modernist painting!
So clean.  So neat.  So plain.
Not to mention I get hungry if I have to wait until 5 PM for food!  So,  say goodbye to Cheryl's pretty paintings and say hello to Ethan's Splatter Fest!

Like a Van Gogh Painting.
Get it?  The painting reverences?   Cheryl is a sleek Modernist Minimalist and I'm a Vincent Van Gogh. It's a comparison to her Sushi vs my Pizza dinners.
 Of course,  I could attempt to make sushi as well.  It's not like it is impossible for me,   But Cheryl does not like the way I do things.  Her Sushi has to be "just so".

So messy, So random,  So chaotic
Ok,  So the first couple of attempts at artisan pizza need a little polish, (not the sausage...)   that is why we experiment in the Kitchen...Right?

Feeling better about this dough
  I have better expectations for this next round.   The wheat flour did not rise as I had hoped and the bake time was skewed because Cheryl came home exactly when she said she would.... TOTALLY screwing me up and throwing off my "later than expected" prep time.   This time,    I started over with new dough,  which is rising nicely on the kitchen table as I write this.
This dough is Rising on my list.
As for the old stuff,  I tried to play around with it this afternoon seeing if I could get it to work out better if I tried different baking methods.  
Time for taste testing.
In the end,  it was edible...but not the gourmet stuff you read about in Rachel Ray's Magazine.

As for the Novel....240 pages 81,157 words total, out the door!   I guess I added a few words during the editing process.  There were far fewer problems with pacing or grammar than I had first thought. I'm quite pleased.

Over all opinion? Not to bad!   Better than my early attempts at pizza anyway.   Perhaps in the hands of a real editor,  it could actually be really good.   I doubt it will ever be required reading in some English Lit' class.  They have to keep those things pretty "G" rated  for all those college students, after all.   Mine has all the bad stuff.....things every Parent or Born Again Christian hates:   Drugs, Sex, Harsh Language, and Dragons!
Monty Python and Spain....Loves Dungeons

Seriously,  why do Christians hate Dragons so?   Ok maybe just us Lutherans.....( I should point out I deviate from the faith a little here...)  I think Dragons are cool!   We used to play Dungeons and Dragons and the S.O.P. for the W.E.L.S. was D&D was B.A.D!   And I doubt it was because of the Dungeons.....(Hello.... Spanish Inquisition.   We Christians LOVE dungeons!)
But no...Dragons = Devil somehow.  Last time I checked,  I have not been riding goats  ( or dragons)  towards the apocalypse.  ( Ok,  maybe in a video game....but not lately)
But...Where is the Pepperoni?

Other than that,  I currently await Cheryl's arrival so I can begin a new masterpiece of Italian Culinary Artistry.  This time I'll be able to put on more toppings and hopefully the crust will not end up like a cracker.   Thin and Healthy Pizza Crusts traditionally suffered from a lack of flavor.  If I can at least make it less like cardboard and more like ....pizza crust,  Then I will consider this effort a success....even if it is minimal.

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