Friday, April 1, 2016

The Joys and Sorrows of Editing

So I'm a little over half way through reading and editing my unpublished novel....and it has been enlightening.  First,  let me talk about the good...

I am actually pleased that there are certain parts of the book that don't suck!    Yeah,  I'm not bragging or anything, but I actually can form a sentence now and then that makes sense and sounds poetic.   Well done, Eth! [ Pats self on back...]

And now the bad...I discovered that I enjoy the writing part WAY MORE than the reading. Is that weird?   I should be equal in both, right?  And even though I find the things I write entertaining to read,  I have never been someone who consumes an entire book voraciously.  Cheryl does!   But not me.  Spending two hours on reading anything is tough. ( I know: yet I score papers for a living.....since when do I ever make any sense?)

Next,   there are parts that are awkward, but still functional.  Those parts were difficult to write as well as difficult to read.   Allow me to elaborate:

One section is where the narrator is going through withdrawal.  He WAS addicted to a drug...but the PRESENT he is clean and sober.....HOWEVER he is writing how he felt AT THE TIME....So I end up using the ( Latin term here) Plu-Perfect-Passive-Tense a LOT.   To say that the breaking curve-balls that are thrown are confusing is an understatement.   Even the Grammar Check on Microsoft Word is having trouble keeping up.  However,  when re-reading the mostly is correct.

Not only that,  it was difficult trying to convey the feelings and emotions that someone is feeling while going through withdrawal.  Remember... he is remembering these things...not actually experiencing them now.   However,  when was the last time you were able to describe the utter terror you felt as a child when you lost your favorite toy....  And not laugh?
   See?   Remembering things can be tricky....( Oh come on,  I know everyone has lost a favorite toy sometime when they were kids....just go to Target and watch how kids react when they can't have something...)  As an adult,  you chuckle at your stupid obsession....but at the time,  it was far more serious.   And how can we have a dramatic moment when the person describing it is laughing about how stupid it was?

OK, after all of those hurdles,  I still manage to entertain myself and think it is overall "well written." Even with all of the flaws, I think it is still decent.   I mean,  have you read some of the other junk out there?  Most of the grammar and spelling issues ( of which, there are very few) can mostly be chocked up to typo's.  It was a first draft writing done over 5 months after all... I believe that understanding that you are not the best, but neither is anyone else, is a profound enlightenment.

So, other than my awesome self...Cheryl has been at work for College Board over the last week.  They called her in for help...but not me.   I could put a lovely spin on things,  but it is possible better to simple state what she is doing:  Pulling training papers and photocopying.   The lovely spin could be that they chose her over me because she really needed the work....or they did not want to harass me knowing I have a serious novel to complete. I guess it could be that she is pretty good at scoring...I guess that is a "possibility."

So,  Cheryl has been stealing the car every morning for work, leaving me stranded at home with the cat.   Luckily,  I have lots of video games to occupy my time....Speaking of which.

The battle in Medieval Europe is going well.   I did a little research and found a couple of handy tips that have helped me greatly in wiping out France.   Cheat Codes!

Now, before labeling me as a cheater,  I would like to point out that the entire European continent is Very religious.   I would like to think that I'm adding a "Divine Element" to the whole harsh existence by answering King Henry's Prayer....At least until I can figure out the economy mechanics legitimately.  In my defense,  I was already kicking the crap out of people without divine intervention.  This just helped speed things up a bit.  And what is up with the Pope anyway?   Always bossing England around...  I feel like I should be above that guy at least.

So,  that is everything at the moment.   I guess these posts get long when I have not written for a while.   But,  as mentioned before, I like to write more than read.  A curse or a blessing,   I'm not sure...until I get published and someone actually wants to pay for my musings.  We shall see

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