Friday, April 29, 2016

Subaru Woes! The Best Possible Outcome to the Worst Possible Scenerio

Doc, I have this bad cough and no energy.
Subie is sick.   We knew about this "problem" for some time, yet, as with everything....we ignored it until it became a REAL problem.

And it did....Today!

Talking about car problems is a lot like taking about diseases and ailments that you have.    They interest you... And no one else.   But since this is my blog.....I get to write about things that interest me... most of the time.    And...if I keep this short and somewhat entertaining, perhaps I can do something where others fail.

On our way to Iowa city...just past the half way point....Subie started making a funny buzzing sound.   Two seconds later....check engine light is blinking...BLINKING!   Never seen that before.   Then the battery light pops on.   I pull over to see what the problem could be...and Subie stalls.    Not a good sign.

My first thought is it is the alternator....or possibly a fan belt breaking.   Nope.   But there is definitely something wrong.   Even Cheryl is concerned. ( Which terrifies me!)  After allowing the sudden wave of panic subside....we hatch a plan.   Subie is able to  start...but has to have a high rpm to continue without stalling.    We decide to head straight to the mechanic in Iowa City.  10+ miles of shear anxiety!

I'll spare you the drawn out drama and just come out with it....Head Gasket!    A problem we have been aware of for over two years now.   I recently had the head gasket issue re-emerge  a month ago during my last oil change.   It was a job that needed to be done, but we could never find the time ( or money) to just DO IT.

And so,   Subie had an "Episode" on a long, bleak track of Iowa country road.  Scaring the CRAP out of us so we would solve it NOW....Dammit NOW!

When I replay the other likely scenarios in my mind...they are all worse.   Cheryl has been driving the car to Iowa city ALONE for the last three weeks and this happened today.....the one day I'm with her because I had the day off of work.( good thing)  Our Phone disconnected us because it is  the 29th and they never remind us when to top up.(Bad thing)
   Subie...was able to limp the remaining 10 miles to Iowa city under his own no tow truck. ( good thing!)    The Mechanics were able to look and evaluate the car immediately.....(Really good thing!)   The price is going to hurt....but we knew that two years ago...that is why we have put it off this long.
Trust me!  I'm a professional...

And finally.   The Auto place had a Loaner Vehicle that we could putt around in until the repair is finished.   (Yeah!  Good thing)  The job will (hopefully) be finished Monday...and the Mechanic has done head gaskets on Subarus I'm guessing her has a little experience to draw from.
RULE #1 This always ends badly! the end, we are home.  Safe and sound... And Subie is in the shop seeing the doctor so he gets all better.   My hope and prayer is that he comes back better than ever and this dark, looming cloud of head gasket mischief will be behind us. I'm just happy Cheryl ( Or I ) was not alone when this happened.  Misery loves company and Cheryl and I are pretty good at being miserable.... This is why we Never Split Up!

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