Sunday, February 5, 2017

16 Mile Long Run in Davenport, Iowa.

16 Miler!  Done with a smile!
As the Boston Marathon approaches,  Cheryl is getting to the point where she needs to begin upping her mileage on training runs.   Traditionally,  every time we cross the 14 mile mark,   Cheryl feels "stressed".   Usually the first time we cross that imaginary limit,  she melts down in one form or another.

Well,   today will have to go down as a success!   She completed the 16 miles with hardly a complaint.   I'm sure there were a number of reasons that contributed to the success.   One:  We drove to Davenport for the long run.   A long 16 mile scenic run along the Mississippi helps distract the mind from the pain alerts your rusty legs are putting out.
Along the Mississippi

Lots of HUGE US flags.
Two:   Music!    Ever since Cheryl got us these cool smart phones,  Not only do I get more pictures of her running,  I also get to play running motivational music!   ( Rocky theme, Stride,  Dog Days, Etc.)
And finally,  She gets to run with me.   And doesn't that make it all worth it?   I mean,  I'm kind of a big deal.

Bald Eagle. Not the best Zoom.

Watch for Goose Crossing.

In addition to the many many shots of Cheryl,  I was able to get pictures of an eagle. ( he is a lot closer than this picture suggests.)   And some Geese.   There were tons of Geese, but it was the ones that Refused to move as Cheryl trotted by that were the ones I was interested in.

Faster than a Train?
And finally,  Cheryl ran against the train...again.    Believe it or not,  she was actually catching up to it!   But it later pulled away.   I'm guessing Davenport has many more trains coming and going than what I'm used to.  There was even a second one going the other way while we were there.

Most of the water was open, but there are a few places still covered with ice.   The temps hovered around 32-40 with sun.   The wind was cool and gentle....pleasant conditions for a long run.   She did not even have to wear her outer jacket.
Completed!  Yeah!

So a run coming up in a few weeks.   The Valentine Run in Twin Cities.  So there is an event on the horizon to keep things interesting.  For the rest of the day, I plan on trying my hand at surviving in a hostile water world,  Subnautica.   Thanks for checking in.

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