Saturday, February 25, 2017

Apartment Origami Installation...With Snow.

 Yep!  It snowed here in Iowa today. ( or last night)  The cold front moved in and blanketed the ground.  It lasted for most of the day, before almost completely melting.   The Iowa sun did its magic for once and kept the white stuff away.  The problem is that it is still cold and windy.    The sun can only do so much to warm the earth...but not much for the air.

It's all good though.  Cheryl did not run today and instead decided to focus on errands and shopping.   Iowa city on the weekends are a little hectic, but we managed to visit the bookstore and bank and Panera. The usual suspects of weekend tomfoolery.

Upon arriving home, I decided to finish the Origami project I started about a month ago.   I managed to secure the neighbor's ladder and that helped a LOT!  I had been wrestling with the problem of how I was going to put them up.  Cheryl suggested putting them on white boards and putting the boards up with a couple of screws.   That sounded way easier than my proposed plan.    I wanted to put each on individually on the wall and make it look like a school of swimming fish upon three of the high walls.  Looking back now, that would have been labor intensive, time consuming and DANGEROUS!  This way worked out much better.

Cheryl helped with the placement of the colors.   She is much better at colors than I am.   Probably because of all those design magazines and books she reads.  She arranged them in a pattern that we both found acceptable and I secured them to the board.

With the three boards completed,  I hung them up on the wall.  I really wanted three wall coverage...but this one  way will have to do....  for the moment.   Cheryl says I can work on adding more parts latter.   We shall see if I can gather up the motivation.

So...  that is all for now from Wellman,  Iowa.  I'm currently drinking a "wet hop" IPA from Two Brothers.   It is Cheryl puts it:  "Indescribable".   That does NOT mean it is bad.   The wet hops ( I read about the process.... basically brew beer and have "fresh hops" delivered and added the same day.   "Fresh hops" have a unique flavor than if they were dried.) I would say it is fruity with a strong dried-apricot flavor.   I'm not sure how else to describe it.   Or even if the flavor is "apricot-ish".   But it is good and refreshing...  Perfect after a cold and snowy day of origami installation.

Yeah,  That's MY sub!  It's got my name on it and everything. 
Other than that..  I have been diving in to Subnautica.  A VERY addictive and fun game.   You basically crash land on a water world and have to survive.  I'm finally to the point where I build a submarine.   I named it the Ethan Allen....   After the U.S.S. Ethan Allen.   An Ohio class submarine in the U.S. Navy.   And a Character in the Hunt for Red October.   ( I googled it!) Not to mention it is a name that corresponds to someone very important in my life.   Me.    So it was naturally the only choice.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far.   The cold weather is not going to hold for very long, so Cheryl is planning her long run when the cold snap ends.   Until then,  I will keep ya posted.


Valerie said...

Reading this post made me feel lazy.. smiles. I never could run in the real term of the word and never had a go at Origami. Your efforts in the latter are to be commended. Very effective.

LL Cool Joe said...

I just popped over from Valerie's blog to check yours out and just had to comment on the origami. I bet that looks stunning on the wall!

L. D. said...

The art work is wonderful. It really does work well on the wall. I like seeing things done with the paper folding pieces. I have seen work framed in shadow boxes win very nice setups. The are very professional looking including your wall piece.


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