Thursday, February 9, 2017

Back to Winter Running.

Just two days ago!
It was fun while it lasted;  but Winter has returned.    Say goodbye to the tease of spring.

So it happens to be late currently, so I will try to keep this post short.  I basically wanted to note the change in the weather and announce that we will be running this weekend.   The Twin Cities call to Cheryl for a Valentine run!   Only the twin cities are crazy enough to offer a race in wither that is not inside. (Ok,  I'm sure that is not true..but Minnesota loves the cold!)  The race will be short, but at least it will pacify Cheryl for a while.
Back to winter

In the mean time,  we have gone from Shorts back to Winter attire as Cheryl runs in the snow.   The temps are hovering around 20 degrees and the sun has been nice enough to warm things up slightly.  Other than that,  the snow gives us a chance to see who else shares the path with us.  Rabbits, coyotes, deer, and squirrels are the common ones.   A surprise was the very large Turkey tracks on the very path we run on.
Turkeys run the same trail as we do!

As always, the bald eagles are difficult to capture.   They swoop down over the top of your head, and by the time you get your camera ready, they look like this:
Eagle above us!

Hope everyone is having a good week.  Tomorrow will be spent traveling to the northern parts of Minnesota.  We have not been there since the 4th of July I believe.   Seems like Wisconsin replaces Minnesota for Cheryl's favorite running state.  I'm Ok with that.   See ya soon.

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