Saturday, February 18, 2017

EVAP. Pigtail Confusion, Multi-Purchase, and Ultimate Makeshift Creation.

So Cheryl found the part online and ordered it.   It cost nearly $70!   And said it would take 3-5 business days to arrive....after promising overnight shipping upon order.

This panicked Cheryl.

Pigtails....for cars!
Yesterday, we head to rent a car.   We can't rent a car without several forms of Identification...which we did not have on us or even know about.  So....

Auto Zone is next door.   Go get the stuff to "make" the pigtail (It is called a "pigtail" by people in the know....not a "clip" or a "wire assembly" or "Electrical plug".  Good to know!)  I buy a soldering Iron, several clips and a spool of 16 gauge wire.   I'm ready for plan...."B" or "C".... or what ever plan we are now on.
I get to play with Solder and wires!

Not bad, if you ask me.

Come to find out, Auto Zone can order the part and have it arrive Tomorrow!  (That is Saturday by noon!)  Awesome! Back to plan A!  (I think...)  We  place the order and pre-purchase it.   Cheryl plans on canceling the order from the "unknown" source online.

Long lost Pigtail upset my version

I prepare to assemble the patched up "Gerry Rigged" pigtail with my new soldering iron and wires.  I think it looks pretty good!   And then!
They match..but newer one is "tight"  and "Snap!"

UPS delivered the pigtail Cheryl originally purchased yesterday!   No confirmation, No tracking,  Only a warning that it would take 3-5 days.  And here it is.   Now we have potentially THREE of these things that were not supposed even to exist.

I jump into action and decide to fix the darn thing here and now.  The new clip is a very tight fit.   So tight I have trouble fitting it on.  I grease it and apply steady pressure.  "SNAP!"   Use your imagination here.  It is correct. They are meant to be a tight fit for a reason...but really? Cut me some slack, man.

Great day for a fire!
Luckily,  I have the "Ethan Allen Version" on my shop table.   It fits perfectly and I check it over and over again to make sure it does!  I install it and take it for a drive....  Subie works again!
Brush fires in Iowa!

As with all "non-professional" jobs,  there is a hint of reservation.   We shall know more as we drive Subie longer and ultimately,  when we have to refuel.  I'm hoping that I somehow managed to fix the problem.

Run by the city!  Wouldn't  Smokey be proud.
So today's task was to return to Auto zone; thank then for their help; and then cancel the order.  It was a nice enough day and Cheryl wanted to enjoy as much of it as she could.   It was also a nice enough day to have a brush fire!   Hurray for living in Iowa!  Where brush fires are not only permitted...  They are encouraged!    And performed ...By the CITY!

Parks Service adding fire to their Forestry management.
Cold weather will return soon enough,  but the Robins and Bluebirds are returning.  I'm hoping to enjoy some of this Spring weather in February tomorrow in Davenport.   See ya then!

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