Monday, February 27, 2017

Cheryl's 20 Mile Training run. Part of the "The Road to Boston" Series.

 So it was a wonderful day in Davenport....perfect for a 20 mile run.

Ok,  there really is never a perfect time for a 20 mile run.   20 miles of pain!   There are simply "Better" days and "Worse" ones.   Worst are the days when sh does not make it.   They are very challenging... for ME.   Because not only do I have to endure all the mileage and weather conditions along side her...  But I get to feel all the heat when she melts down.

But today was not one of those days.   She completed the entire thing with barely a moment to stop for a train.

That is correct!   She missed the train this time.  Or I should say the train caught her.   We waited for a moment for the train to pass.   Trains are BIG!  And kinda scary when you are right next to them.   But the only thing Cheryl was concerned about was that it was over and she would have to run again.

Not much else happened.   The wind was mild and the sun warm.  The air cool and the path less crowded.   We had the entire thing to ourselves.   ( A few people...runners and cyclist.  Nothing bad.)

Around mile 18,   Cheryl developed a blister that was hampering her stride.  There were moments when I thought she would explode....but she managed to soldier on on the classic fashion. Looks like tomorrow will have to be an off day.   We shall see how she feels then.

For the moment then, I'm planning on lounging around for the rest of the day.   She might have run it...but I had to ride my BIKE!   The entire way, might I add.   And bikes are serious business!

So that is all.  Couple of things to note:   Eagle almost caught a fish in front of us.   He was being harassed by the seagulls and I was unable to take a decent picture.   (As always)  Iy was possibly the closest we have been to an eagle yet!

Second,  Cheryl found one of those famed Muscatine clam shells that made the button industry possible there. The shell is surprisingly thick and beautiful!   Must be all that calcium in the water.

Hope everyone is enjoying the day.  I hear it is supposed to rain tomorrow.   Another good reason to take a day off.   We shall see.

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Valerie said...

I am glad you cleared up the question of what do you do while your wife is running. Gosh, she must have so much stamina to run for 20 miles and probably more. I watch athletes on television and feel worn out for them!


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