Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Pleasant Weather in Davenport. And My Forgetful Mind.

I quick post  on the unusually nice Iowa weather.  The Temps have been hovering in the low 70's!   Very nice weather when there is a light breeze and lots of sun.  We traveled to Davenport for Cheryl's 13 mile run and had a pretty good time .....and then.

I lost my Smartphone.  I placed it on the car,  something caught my eye...Woosh!   I totally lost it in my mind.   As we drove away, I guess it hung on the back trunk for several miles before dropping off.
Luckily,   it was found and picked up by a nice old man who returned it.   But not until I realized it had been missing for 4 hours!  Needless to say...I ruined the otherwise pleasant outing.

I have not been having the best of luck lately.  First with the car and now with the phone.  I could blame my ancestors for giving me these "forgetful genes".  Dad had it bad.  He would forget that he was holding a pencil in his hand!   And would spend several minutes looking for it....feverishly getting more and more frustrated and angry because he,"Just had it a second ago!"

Luckily, I would point out that he either had it behind  his ear; in his front pocket or was currently holding it!  I imagined my entire job was to help dad by simply remembering  and keeping  track of his stuff when we would do a project together.   How I used to tease and raz him about it.. and now I'm just like him.  I guess he would be having his revenge  and laughing a me now.

Other than that,  We have been enjoying the weather as much as we can.   Today was slightly cooler but with no wind.  Cheryl tells me that it will cool off later, but not before we can squeeze in another long run.   We shall see.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week where ever you might be. And make sure you do not forget your cellphone on top of your car....it makes for a very long and grumpy day.

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