Sunday, May 14, 2017

14 miles at Kewash.

Coralville Three miles
Early mornings.
With a slight break in the scoring season,  Cheryl has been itching to squeeze in a long run before the heat of Summer overtakes our running schedule.   Normally we have to set aside a weekend or holiday for such things.   And Cheryl only wants to run in the cool of the morning.  This forces us to run in Coralville.   And only about three miles at a time.
Coralville Dam and bridge
Rain creates gentle waterfalls.

To be fair, the Iowa sun does tend to heat things up rapidly.  I started off with my light jacket, only to remove it about three miles in. Thankfully there was a light breeze blowing cool morning air.

Cheryl prepares for 14 miles!

High Blue Prairie Grass.

As mentioned int he title,  we decided to go back to Kewash.   Sure, there is no river out there, but it has been a while since we visited that area and thought it would be a nice day to give it a go.  Plus it is far closer than Muscatine and it has been several days since it has rained... Meaning the trail will probably be nice and dry.
Running into the sun

And down the path
This was the first time we experienced to new parking spot during the "non-winter" months.  I'm not sure what the grasses are, but I would guess either wheat or rye.  (I'm not a farmer, and even though I took various Botany classes, we never had to ID the all of the grasses.) But there was a lot of it around the parking area and trail entrance.
Chasing Rabbits.

Or racing.....and winning.
 Cheryl ran at a fairly fast pace...for a training run.  She was wondering why it seemed so difficult today...and then she looked at her Garmin.  I was just happy we did not have a melt down on the first day back.

The rabbits were back.   Same as every spring.  Even around our apartment, there are several "new" furry faces hopping around the yard.  I think these guys seem a little friendlier than last years.   Several times the rabbits ran right past me.   Cheryl almost stepped on one!

Cheryl smearing sunscreen on the Subie.
Final approach 
We listened to music for the majority of the run.  (Something we have not been able to do since Boston, I think.) And when it was finally over, Cheryl felt as if she had accomplished something good.  Yeah!   I'm glad we were able to come back to Kewash and have a good experience right out of the gate.   Perhaps we will have to integrate this path back into the rotation, along with Davenport and Muscatine.  We shall see.

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Valerie said...

I was just thinking that you must be a good runner too, or are you on a bike or something?


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