Thursday, May 4, 2017

Thursday Catch up!

Rain Gear Required!
Cool weather
I thought I would have an entire week without scoring...  I was wrong.

Sunny weather
Overcast Weather
I guess that is ultimately a good thing since we need the money.  But springing hours during random parts of the day really can be annoying.   Then again,  I told them I would be "available"  whenever.

More Rain,  Time to Gear up again!
The good news is it is only one project currently.  Switching between projects is not too difficult mentally  ( Highschoolers SHOULD write better than 4th graders)  But the stress of always working builds up over time.   On top of that,  the 4th Grade Project is easier to process ( now that I have been doing it for three weeks) and is slightly more forgiving on when I show up and work. In other words, if I only want to work 4 hours, I can.   But that does not make me much money...
Running hills

Cheryl also continues to work as many hours as she can.  She is working 50 hours with bonuses!   So she finds herself trying to harvest as much $$ as the sun will allow.  Even then, it is beginning to wear on her.

Running Fields
But enough about scoring!   I'm not sure how we do it, but Cheryl has been running every morning this week and we even had the opportunity to run in Davenport!   To bad it was shorter than we had hoped.   But still!  Squeezing in a long (-ish) run on a Tuesday when we have scoring projects demanding our time is amazing!
Running Forest!

I should probably note that Cheryl has a run coming up this weekend.   After Boston, she has been itching to "Run Better".    So we are heading to Wisconsin for a 20 K run at Lake Monona.  We leave tomorrow.   I'm hoping to have some EXPO pics and stories to share, But there is a possibility that it will be short and sweet.   We shall see.

Running Puddles!
In the mean time,  the Weather has taken a turn for the hot.   It was so wonderful yesterday, and then the sun came out.   I'm not sure how it is in your part of the globe, but in Iowa, the sun makes a 20 degree difference!  So it can go from "cool-ish" to "Uncomfortably Hot" in a single 12 hour period!
Running the River!  With Wind and Cold!

And even more puddles!

At least the birds like it!

Finally some sun!
With a little luck, the temps and rain and wind and all things negative will hold off and Cheryl will be able to gain a little confidence again.   With summer approaching and Collegeboard Projects on the horizon,  it may be one of the few opportunities she will have before the fall marathon running season. But we shall bridge that gap when we get there.   Thanks for stopping in!

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