Saturday, May 6, 2017

Cheryl's "Unofficial" 20K Lake Run! That REALLY HAPPENED!..... Just Unofficially.

Green Afro!
We just returned from the Lake Monona 20 K race.  A pleasant day with a wonderful After Race Wisconsin Beer.    Cheryl even turned in a decent time.   With only one small catch....  It was not recorded!

Cheryl checks out the Line...
People waiting for the Port-a-jons
Seems really, really long.
Ah well,  I saw the time.   1 hour 36 minutes.   But Cheryl removed her shirt...and thus her BIB so the mat did not record her crossing the finish line.    By the time we noticed, we were deep in the beer zone and could do nothing about it.  Ah well,  What are you going to do?

I should note that the day started just fine.   It was a cool 48 degrees and sunny.   A cool breeze made the air feel even cooler, so Cheryl decided she was going to dress slightly warmer than usual.

Note the Long Sleeves!
in the gate.
I should note here that she did NOT want to wear her Boston Marathon Jacket.    ( She did not want to "brag")  Until two things happened.   One:   She noted it was much colder than she had thought.   And Two:   There were five other people wearing THEIR Boston Marathon Jackets!    We could have talked to them, but Cheryl was out of uniform.    So,  Back to the car,  dig out the jacket, and wear it proudly until the race officially starts.
Out of the gate.
Waving with Mittens.

I like small races...   ( Races with less than 20,000 people in them!)   because I can clearly see Cheryl as she passes by.   The race was around the lake and back, so there was no opportunity to catch her mid way.   I had to wait by the finish line to see her again.

Note: Baby Stroller faster than Cheryl.
The Kid even Jumped out!
I was looking for her around the 1:40 mark...but she surprised me when she rounded the corner ahead of schedule!   I noted, luckily, that she had removed her long sleeve shirt and was fumbling with it around her waist.   It never occurred to me that the bib might not register the time,   I was just happy the bib was attached to her shirt so she did not throw her shirt away

Note:  She is fussing with her shirt and bib.

With all the commotion,  we headed out to gather the two free beers we were offered.   Nothing is better than Wisconsin Beer after a race.  ( unless it is Illinois Beer... Illinois makes good beer too!)

Time for Beer!

Sexy Beer Pose!
The sectioned off area soon became crowded and we tried to leave, but the race officials said you could not leave the area with any beer.   This was not a problem for me,  because I was thirsty and guzzled mine down like a man crossing a desert!   Cheryl, on the other hand,   having Chocolate milk, water and beer, found herself imprisoned behind the "Beer Cage!"   She was forced to sip faster.
Nothing sexier than WIsconsin Beer...

Beer Brig

Sippers Purgatory....
Finally,  with the beer officially gone,  she was able to relax in the open sun and green grass.

Beer Finished. Race Finished. Cheryl Finished!
So that is all!   Cheryl now has no official record of her first and only 20 K run.   It's ok though.  They always warn people about their bibs and transponders registering on the mats.   We now know what we can not get away with and how that effects her results.   Better that it happened on this "random Race" than something more official.  ( like BOSTON!)  Plus it shows her that you will get hot during the race and should prepare for that heat and not the cold of the start line.
New Beer and Sandwich Combo. 

So we are currently home and resting after the long trip.  Tomorrow I may take a stab at fixing the rear brakes on the car and maybe...if I'm really lucky,   The O2 Sensors.   We shall see how things work out.   In the mean time,   We shall be sampling the new beers we scored from Wisconsin.   We already tried the  Hypothesis.   A crisp beer with a fizzy feel on the tongue.   The hops are not as distinct, but still have a presence.   Overall,   Very interesting!

Well the cat is bothering me so I should log off.   Hope everyone else is having a wonderful Saturday.  Even if it is not Technically  "official",  doesn't mean you can't still enjoy it.

UPDATE!    Cheryl Just checked the web site and found that they DID INDEED Capture her Results!

(Un-un)  Official!  Time:  1:36:46
Pace: 7:48 ( faster than Lincoln Half Marathon!)
Place:  206 out of 1252 total runners.
Div Place: 8th out of 171 Females age 40-49

After all those puns,  Cheryl's meddling threatens to ruin my clever post.   I guess it can't be helped.

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