Thursday, May 18, 2017

Stormy Days in Iowa

Wind and Rain and Hail..Oh My!
Yesterday,  a cold front came through with all the Panic and Hoopla that any Weather Channel junkie would swoon for.   The day started out fine, but mid-afternoon, the sirens blared and the phones beeped with warnings and emergencies.
30 minutes before the storm

It was a strange sight. The sun was out, and the air was calm.  There was only a small dark cloud in the distance that hinted at a storm.  The warning was for about a half hour, so we continued to score.
Dark skies in the distance.

Eventually the storm arrived and blew  some strong gusts.   Nothing downed trees or branches.  The rain was pretty strong too.   We even got a little bit of pea-sized hail!  Fun!

Rain!  Glorious Rain!   I think this is what is mean by "coming down in Sheets!"

Thankfully only pea sized.
Ice in the hand
I'm happy that we did not lose power, have a tree fall on us or have the hail bash our car.  Subie is old enough without being battered by Mother Nature.

Cheryl runs
Better than THIS!
Other than that, the battle to score as much as possible continues.   Both Cheryl and I have had full weeks.   I have not been able to finish the tune up on Subie because of the lack of time.   We still manage to squeeze in an early morning run as well, although the distance is usually shorter.

Wardrobe change
Through the hills.
Speaking of the tune up!   I think my cleaning out the throttle body worked!   I really need to do a "complete job" though.   And perhaps I will have the opportunity this weekend.

 In the mean time, Subie no longer stalls at stop signs and idles consistently around 700 rpms.   The gas pedal sticks now, and I'm sure it is because of my "expedient clean" job.   I really need to take the throttle completely off for a proper cleaning.

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