Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Great Ethan Allen.... Brake Master!

Cheryl runs
Master might be a little over the top.    How about "successful brake repair".  When things go well for me  (Which is rare.) I tend to think that I'm awesome instead of simply "lucky".   I can't help it that I have to keep my Tremendous Ego in Check.

Into the Trees!

Down the path

Into the sun.
Today, I had a rather successful day.  It started out in the usual fashion, with Cheryl running a short 3 miles and us hitting the usual haunts.  But, with no scoring project going on today, I found myself with some free time that I could spend doing my very own projects.  And so I decided to tackle them head on with no help from outsiders.   Because I'm a Do-er!   And Do-er's get things Done!  ( Or at least attempt them until something goes wrong)

Little Help From Mr. Screwdriver
Subie Needs Brakes

I weighed my options and used a coin flip to choose the very best project to take on first.  The Subaru Rear Brake Shoes!

Hmm   Brake shoes a little worn.
New Shoes Installed.  BAMM!
I was prepared for a serious battle.    Last year, the front Brakes on Subie took three weeks to pull off!   I had to wait for parts, deal with obstacles, Wait for parts again! And ultimately do an "over the top" job on something rather simple.  But the knowledge gained was valuable.... somehow.

Passenger side Now.  
More help from Trusty Screwdriver
I discovered that my Anti-seize that I applied last year had done its job and the bolts were a snap to remove.  (meaning easy,  Not "snap" oops! it broke...)  I focused on the brake shoes for this round, because I knew I would not have time for new rotors or slide pins.   As it turned out,   even the slide pins came out easy.

New Shoes Installed.  BAM!  I'm on fire!
With the driver side finished, I focused on the passenger side.   I had not "attempted" this side last year, so I thought the bolts might give me a problem, but no such issue arose!   I had both sets of brakes removed, and replaced within an hour.   Most of that time was spent getting the wheels off and setting up!  My confidence was soaring!

Old Brake Shoes need replacing
With an AMAZING job completed ( amazing because no disaster happened under my leadership!)  I chose to take on the next job.   My Bicycle!

These brakes are a little different.  And it ended up throwing a wrench into the well oiled machine I thought I was operating.
New Shoe Installation. Repeat behind.
Instead of things working normally,  I had to do a little "Modification" to the cable to adjust the performance. ( A fancy way of saying I had to destroy everything and bandage it back together.)  In the end, it worked out and I now have new brakes (shoes)  on the Bike.   Mission:   Successful!

Now I "simply" have to adjust the cable.  Not so simple. 
Not wanting to press my luck. (Because,despite all the bravado, I know most of my success is due to luck)   I chose to hold off on the Oxygen Sensor.
  That, And the fact that I spent about three hours talking to the neighbor about cars.   The O2 sensor needs to be attacked from under the car.  At least that is what the YouTube videos say. To do this, I will need to jack it up higher than usual. I was going to ask for some Car Jacks, but the neighbor was using them on the three cars he is currently working on.   Yadda Yadda Yadda and now it is too late in the day to attempt it.   Maybe tomorrow.
Wisconsin Beer!  

In the mean time,  Cheryl and I celebrated her Unofficial unofficial Race results with some Wisconsin Brewing Beer!  Spotted Cow and Capitol Amber.   Both are excellent!

Monday will bring the end of my Pearson Project.  I'll have to see what other options I can go for.   Until then,  I still have a few projects to occupy my time.  Hope everyone else is having a wonderful Sunday.  Thanks for stopping in.

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