Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Another Muscatine Rain Run.

Ready for Action
Calm seas, dark skies
 The rain was supposed to hold off until noon today.  But I find the Iowa Weather to be more unpredictable than Michigan or Alaska.  (A very subjective observation, I'm sure.)
Starting to sprinkle.

Let's evaluate in the car.
We decided to take a chance and drive out to Muscatine anyway.   The clouds were dark and heavy, but the air was nice and cool.   Even the wind was rather calm, ad shown by the river.   I can't remember the last time I saw the water so calm.

About one mile in, the rain began to drizzle on us and we debated for a moment on the next step.   We even stepped into the car to discuss our options.

Let's hurry before it begins again.
Faster faster!
Wouldn't you know it, the rain let up ever so slightly and the dark cloud drifted away.  We rolled the dice and decided to add a few extra miles....opting to turn back the moment it became too much.

Skies are getting dark again....

Rain picking up at the half way 
Me and the trees

On the way to the bridge,  the rain almost stopped completely.   I would say it was nice.   Definitely pleasant weather to run in.  Deep down, I knew the moment we were at our farthest point, the rain would take a turn for the worse.
Now it is really raining!

And it did!   Heavy soaking rain with a moderate breeze.   It took hardly any time to soak through our layers and completely saturate us.

Total Downpour!
In the end,  Cheryl ran consistent miles and did not overheat or "hypothermiate".  (Is that a word?)  We got in about 7 miles of practice being miserable and were able to eat a Big Mac at McDonalds.
Cheryl showing "True Grit!"

Smiling in the face of adversity. 

Running into the Storm.

The Run is finished, but the rain is only getting started.

Time to dry off and eat Cake!

Also,  Being wet and miserable makes you appreciate a warm shower and a hot coffee so much more...

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L. D. said...

Yes I had to dash through that downpour from the back of a restaurant to the front door. I did cheat by using an Illinois map as a hat. I didn't fold it but I thought I should have the carver around to make me a hat. The weather predictions seem to wrong so much any more. Having moved south and closer to Des Moines they don't seem to get our area in Ankeny correct a lot of the times. I think that much running deserves a Big Mac and a large shake.


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