Saturday, May 20, 2017

Singing, and running in the rain.

Oh Lovely Rain!
Bundled Up
 Another rainy morning in Iowa.   But Cheryl did not let that hold her back.   Today was one of those rare days where we started scoring later in the day ( noon) and had a few extra hours to run a bit longer.   No measly downpour  was going to keep her from that!

Diving in.

In addition to the rain, the temps have fallen almost 20 degrees.  Making for a rather wet AND cold run.  But that is the Runner's Favorite Running weather.  If only I could say the same about biking alongside her.
Rain picks up

The Flowers seem to stand out in the rain

Luckily I had my Goretex.  And a change of clothes for after the run.  I still managed to get my shoes and socks completely soaked.

She's Singin' 
And Dancin' .... in the rain.
The rain helped point out a few flowers that Cheryl noted.  I'm not sure why the sun seems to keep them hidden,  but I thought I would at  least stop and take a few pics of them.

All this rain made me think about one of my  favorite Movie.   Gene Kelly Singing in the Rain.   This is one of those ICON movies that define a time for me.   Call me a romantic...but I love Musicals.  I manage to track down this clip. ( my favorite)  Enjoy!

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