Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor day!

Well we sold an elephant today from the website! Its too bad that when Cheryl inspected the sale that the guy tried 10 times to buy from us but because Cheryl shut down the payment feature. it was very difficult for him . She also found out that we lost three other sales from the site. BAAA ah well . we had gone three months with no sales and with the payment plan costing us $30 and gaining us nothing we decided it was not worth keeping it. people can still pay through PayPal. Well we still have to pay for boxes and bubble wrap so looks like things are not going to get carved tonight. since things will have to wait till Wednesday at the earliest to get sent out. I have been promoting Etsy for the last couple days and having fun seeing what other people are selling .. also it is encouraging to find what others think of our stuff. They really like Cheryl's pillows. No sales on the toilet seats ..yet. but Etsy is still in its infancy.

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