Wednesday, March 3, 2010

And now the otherside...

A quick post. I worked on her other side cleaning off the bark. Again, Nothing really sexy, but once that bark is off, its amazing how fast she lightens up. Either because all that wood is removed or the water than now can dry out of it. Either way, it is now light enough for me to get inside. Now I can work in a well lite, warm (ish) area. As for the waste wood..I have been burning it up over the last couple of days. Surprisingly, it burns pretty good. even though it is "green" . As for other news, I spent several hours still sending out emails to shops and boutiques. While Cheryl's shop was featured on the Etsy Blog. She had a slight bump in sales which is always nice. Proving that if it just gets in front of the right people, they will buy it. I still have not figured out the secret to getting it in front of lots of people. (without spending a fortune on publicity anyway) Well that is all for now human guard. Have a great rest of the week!

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paintingpam said...

Nice post, MidnightCarver. I love how you always tell how you are creating your sculptures.


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