Friday, March 26, 2010

End of Project Sharpening....

I had to get to it sometime. and I have been putting it off for several days, but tonight I finally resharpened all my chisels and put them away. You might not find this as a big deal, but, you see, I hate sharpening! Its time consuming and frustrating from time to time. I only damaged two chisels seriously this project, so regrinding the was not too bad. Most of the other chisels I just had to touch up. Someone on WCI asked me about my sharpening set up so I took a few pics of what I usually do. I use a belt sander for the sharpening part. Assuming the chisels does not have to be reground, I just lightly touch it up on the bevel side. Then I strop it on a piece of leather to remove the burr. Then a quick buff with the wheel mounted on the drill. Quick and easy. I use a piece of scrap wood to test out the sharpness after. Now all the chisels are polished, and ready for the next big thing in their wall mounted case. Hope everyone has a great Friday!


diy said...

I cheat. My passion for audio books lets me listen to " agood bit" in book and sharpem up. Being an ancient mariner, I'm not a fast carver. This I've worked to me advantage, I strop the tools on the bench. The energy wasted using a blunt tool is great than that used to sharpen the tool.

Anastasia Rinaldi said...

I Love studio pictures! They are the most beautiful :) Thanks for the glimpse inside your amazing work!!


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