Friday, March 5, 2010

Inside carving finally! Full metal Alchemist.

So I finally got her inside last night but she is still heavy and it's quite the challenge to move her around so I can carve on her. Here's how I tipped it over onto the sawhorse. At least after three hours of carving, she is starting to take a little more shape. Still a long way to go. Red the shop cat was nice enough to help me out. Inspecting the log and the tools. I couldn't take the pic of him sleeping on my shoulders while I carved. He just adores me too much sometimes. Oh! And Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood was on tonight. Catch the latest episode on Funimation. The Promised day is coming soon! I wonder how many episodes there are going to be on this series....Enjoy the ending theme!


diy said...

You dhould have her inside, not the way to treat a lady my friend.

L. D. Burgus said...

Good for you, you have it inside. Being cold and miserable is not good to create good things.

Artesia said...

What a helpful kitty! :)


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