Friday, March 12, 2010

Making Ink from Oak

I've read about this in my favorite book about oak. That you can make INK from it's bark! I'm not sure about the chemistry behind it, but when I started this latest project, Oak chips were flying all over and landed in the cooling water I use to cool my chisels during sharpening. Well, several weeks later....I have this lovely blue/purple dye in my water. It's not strong enough yet to make much of a mark on paper, so I decided to add a little more of the ingredient's. We'll give it a little time and see if I can make it more potent. As for carving...I Worked on the hair tonight. Not much to show really, but it is taking shape and she is now light enough to pick up by myself.

1 comment:

sMacThoughts said...

That is fascinating about the oak ink!! Love your chiseling ... that amazes me, people who can do that!


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