Monday, January 3, 2011

Building an Ikea Sofa! With the Great Ethan Allen...

I know most of you are wondering how Cheryl and I got that cool sofa home when we do not have a truck....( that is..if you knew we did not have a truck and did not pay for shipping....) Well, the cool sofa looked sad all alone. So Cheryl had this Awesome Idea to get another one that matched it. So a quick trip to Ikea and here we are! Three boxes that easily strapped to the roof of the Subaru! assemble: You first have to open the box and assemble the pieces. Then you cover the cushions and the arms with the colored fabric that is in the smallest box. ( they come in several colors that you can buy and interchange if you choose) then you assemble. It's easy! Only 4 bolts hold on each of the arms and the back for a total of 12 bolts! Even Cheryl can do it! the end...with the "help" of the cats and Cheryl. We were able to put it together in our living room and recline on it in less than an hour. Pretty cool eh? And! It is pretty comfortable and durable ( I'd like to think I'm an expert at furniture quality after building several pieces of my own, and being a furniture mover for several years) Cheryl now has her eye on a leather one ( it's VERY nice and affordable) but that might have to hold off for a few more months.....the trip to Ikea was rather exhausting for me ( the driver!) Hope everyone had a great holiday season and are looking forward to 2011! 2010 was quite the roller coaster ride for us...and that is putting it lightly. Hopefully I'll get back to blogging at a routine pace again. I miss blogging on a regular basis. Have a great Monday!


German said...
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Eric the Viking said...

Hey its me your brother ( yes I'm still alive!. . nice try though!) my e-mail contact is or if you got a couple of quarters to rub together you might call me at 810-836-1011. So. . .was thinking Me, dad and My daughter might make a road trip this week out there and visit you guys. Not because we miss you or anything, we just want to go somewhere for the holiday and are using you guys as an excuse. Really, whats so damn interesting about Iowa anyway!? (just because you got jobs, low taxes and the first presidential primary) doesn't make any sense! anyway, if you manage to read this send me a message ( even if its a desire to exercise more of your classic narcissism!) Ok, comment made...nice couch by the way, but I would have went with hunter green or hot pink. :P


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