Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Forged! What a great word! I love this word because it instantly generates a picture of a man covered in sweat and ash hammering a strong piece of steel in a fiery room. The Idea of shaping a substance that is strong and unyielding in such a way as to not break it but ultimately will bend to your imagined design. The process is slow and laborious but in the end the iron will look, feel and do what you want it to do. And so when you use this word to describe things other than metal smithing, it brings with it a number of images that are similar. Like forging a friendship, a life, and allieance. With that, I like to use the word forged to describe our new life in Iowa. We forged ahead when the outcome often looked doubtful. However, we stuck with it and slowly, over time, it became a reality and we are now quite pleased with the results. We also are in the process of forging a new business. Very similar to metal smithing, our business ideas have had their ups and downs, their cooling and heating processes. Each time we were able to shape it a little more into the shape that we desire. And with each blow of the hammer, we make it a little more resilient and strong. I'm not sure how long this current business idea will last, but hopefully we are able to move from the bronze age into the iron age...and perhaps beyond....

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