Monday, January 17, 2011

Movie with Popcorn and Drinks!

What could be better than watching anime on your big screen TV with Movie style popcorn and beverages? NOTHING! hehe! Before Christmas, Cheryl had her heart set on a popcorn popper from Target that looks like a real movie style popper. I was reluctant, but with the scarcity of Jiffypop, And a all the Iowa types of popcorn out there to try, I decided I would tag along and see how it went. Well, the popper is pretty cool! Fresh popcorn with some butter salt is the BOMB! Not to mention that there are a number of gourmet popcorns out there with different flavors and textures. I'll have to blog about them Cheryl is currently using the computer to update the shop. Sorry I have been slow to blog....that Cheryl loves to monopolize the computer for"important" stuff...instead of letting me blog...what could be more important than that?! My readers look forward to every post after Well, Hope everyone has a great week. and I'll see if I can set up a new link to the new shop. See ya soon!

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L. D. Burgus said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. We always have popcorn during the two hours of reruns of Stargate. We have always enjoyed it and now that channel 19 is showing them until they have finished off all the episodes we will be watching.


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