Monday, January 31, 2011

RoboTech! The series that started me on this path!

Let me take you back to 1985! Back to the anime that started it all. ( well, close anyway, I actually became a fan with Starblazers.) Back to Robotech! The Macross Saga. The small, little library in Wellman got a gem when someone donated the entire series of Robotech to the library dvd collection! All three series: Macross, robotech masters, and invid invasion are all there! Over the last few days, I have been skipping down memory lane with Cheryl by my side this time. It's fun! Even SHE is now looking forward to the next volume. So, it is true that the animation is dated, and the story is pretty simple to follow, but it is a very interesting world that was created and very elaborate! ( The narrator constantly keeps you up to date with the latest situation because it was an afternoon program that you might have missed) If you can get past the dated quality, you may just enjoy it enough to get addicted and have to watch the entire series. Check it out online at And enjoy the ride!

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