Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So what types of Popcorns....?

As mentioned in a previous blog entry, We have been experimenting with the various Iowa popcorns. It is rather interresting, because I did a little research prior to our popcorn adventures and found out a few interresting facts. Basically there are two types of corn: Mushroom and butterfly. The mushroom pops up like a ball or mushroom shape and is rather leathery in texture. The Butterfly looks like( you guessed it) a butterfly with long fragile wings. They are rather delicate and melt in your mouth. The mushroom is good for the carmel flavoring because of the tough texture. Whereas the butterfly is good for the dry add on flavors, like salt, butter, cheese, etc. Now...which one is which? Well, I I believe that the yellow popcorn, also called the big and fluffy...is the mushroom kind. I know that there are differences in each one, but from what I have tested so far...that is my deduction. The white popcorn, also may be called ladyfinger or “gourmet” or “hull less” is the butterfly. It is tender and tasty. It pops open fairly complete so the hull is almost completely “shed” and all that is left is the white starch. I must admit that I'm new to this, but so far, the Iowa corn is the best we have tested. I personally like the white stuff...Cheryl likes the yellow. We trade on and off so we each get our favorite. We purchased some yellow from South Dakota and it is STRIKINGLY different from the Iowa stuff. To give you a hint...it tastes ( and smells) like bird seed. Not to say it is bad, it just has a strong flavor. There is also the black, or purple stuff, but in my opinion, it is more similar to the yellow than the white. Well, I may post later what various brands we have tested to give you a critique of them. Have a great day everyone...and Happy Popping!

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