Friday, January 21, 2011

Waiting for wholesale supply

Ever wonder why certain things cost so much at stores? It's because they have to deal with wholesalers....Cheryl and I have been waiting for two weeks to get some supplies from a wholesaler and it has been very " interesting" so to say. Well, hopefully things are wrapping up now and we should be getting them soon. Hopefully they will arrive today! It leads me to also understand the wholesale mentality when it comes to dealing with customers. They probably do not want to be bothered with every nickle and dime order that comes around...nor do they want to deal with customers complaints or demands. That is what the retail store is for. Speaking from experience, I know what it is like to deal directly with the customer...and sometimes it is just not worth the effort. I would rather take a hit on the profit if I can deal with a store that purchases several dozen ( or millions ) of items at a time. Ok, Enough of my rant. Hope everyone is having a great Friday! The weekend is Upon us and hopefully you will be able to take full advantage of it. Enjoy!

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paintingpam said...

I like buying in bulk when I can.
It is cheaper in the long run. Good luck on receiving your order.


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