Monday, February 7, 2011

Back in Wellman

Well, Today it is finally my time alone with the computer. That is to say, Cheryl is not here to monopolize it and I have a chance to blog. I am back at the Wellman Library instead of Panera so I have a little more time to hang around. However, I just realized I have little or nothing to say. The snow is deep, the air is cold, and this place is swarming with kids that just got out of school. Apparently, the computers double as video games for the kids who do not have PlayStation's. Ah well, at least they are quiet! Much more so than the kids at Panera. It must be the healthy food that sets them off onto a screaming rampage! But I thought I should at least post something with my new found time. You should check out the Allenbritestudio on the right there. I just listed a few new items in the shop that are rather eye catching. Well, Hope everyone has a happy Monday and a great upcoming week!

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