Monday, February 28, 2011

Origami Boxes and Tessellation!

Ah the wonders of tessellation! As for Origami, I have been intrigued with it for some time, and finally I have been exploring it a bit. If you don't know what tessellation is, it is a repeating of a geometric shape over and over again. And...a little bit of trivia, there are only three geometric shapes that can form tessellation Triangles, squares and hexagons. Anyway, I flipped through an origami book recently that had a few pointers, so I decided to give it a go. Anyway, I worked on a fish. The fins need a little work, and the paper proved to be rather brittle after the prefolds were done. But I do like what is possible. Other than that I have also been working on some origami boxes for Cheryl’s key fobs. I like the way they have turned out so far. The paper is a heavier cardstock, so you really can't fold it too often, but the box folds are fairly simple. I can't wait for someone to buy one of her fobs so I can sent it in one of the boxes. But that is just the artist in me dreaming. Hope everyone has a great week! And hopefully the freezing rain that has been an issue ere for the last several days, will be done!

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