Friday, February 18, 2011

Where Did All The Snow Go?

So yesterday we had a 72 Degree day! And Almost all the snow is gone. Today it is 52 and the snow, what little is left, continues to melt away. Which is GREAT! I went outside to snap a few pics of the phenomenon, and would you not know it, I forgot to load up the pics on the computer. So, To keep this post upbeat and lively, I will post some pics of things that make me happy! In other news, We are back at Panera, and my plans for global domination with the laptop are , once again, squashed as Cheryl takes the computer away from me. I do get some 'Me time" with the computer late at night when she no longer needs it. She allows me to play my games in the corner...Ah well. Hope everyone else it having a great time in the cool weather. All it needs to do now is dry out a bit....we had a lake in our front yard.

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paintingpam said...

YAY!! No more snow for us either!! I don't want to miss any more school.


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