Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Joys of Flat tires!

Well, Friday was spent getting my tire repaired...again. I must have drove over something on the way back from Iowa City on Thursday. This may sound familiar, because it happened to me once before....and I'm Sure I blogged about it. I'll be brief: Got a flat tire midway between two cities ( 7 miles either way!) It was dark, cold, and I had a flat spare tire that was Frozen in the trunk as well. ( sound familiar?) I'm somewhat of an expert on flat tires by now! Well, I drove home on it and was able to fix it up on Thursday easy! You see, I had three extra tires in the shed...all they needed was to be put on the rim. And BONUS! There was a perfectly good spare tire in the shed left by the previous tenant! Now it is mine ( because the old one was ruined after driving 15 miles on it!) And the tire repair guy in literally a stones throw away from our house ( as is everything in little bitty Wellman, Iowa. So in the end, we stayed home on Friday and I was able to snap a few cat pics and shots of Cheryl hard at work. We have new Items in our shop.....check them out! By the way,, Check out the really cool Claymore poster!

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